Six Symptoms of Dead or Sick Trees

Believe it or not, it’s easy for trees to die. If you’re looking to maintain and take care of your trees, you’ll want to understand the different types of symptoms that can be associated with a dying tree. These are the signs of health that you’ll want to understand so that you’re tree, stays in the best health possible. If you’re not sure about your tree, and think you might need emergency tree removal in skagit county, call us today and we’ll help you.

signs that a tree is dying

Here’s a list of the different types of things you should look for in your tree. Remember, you may see multiple signs or just one symptom. It’s important to catch these early so that you can have a professional come out and take care of the tree properly. If you don’t, you might kill your own tree. If you’re tree is dead, you’ll need to call the services of a professional emergency tree remover.

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First, Splits and Cracks – if you’re tree is showing signs of deep splits and cracks then you’re probably going to need to call a tree doctor, your tree is quite sick. Another sign are Cankers that begin to form as holes in the tree. You’ll find that these are surrounded by missing bark. Pet Love

The second sing is spots of decay – An unhealthy tree will show signs of rot and decay. Look for crumbly wood or the presence of mushrooms. If you’re seeing big signs of decay on the outside, then you’ve probably got a rotten tree on the inside.

The third sign is a large amount of insects in the trunk of the tree – ants are a killer to the health of your tree. Keep both ants and termites off. A good way of doing this is to use a torch!

Noticing early seasonal changes of your tree? – This is another sign that you’re tree is a little confused because it’s sick. You need to call a tree doctor right away if you see your trees showing this type of symptom.

The leaves of a tree should show normally – if your tree leaves look unhealthy, then this is bad. Good trees show leaves that are smooth, large, and symmetrical. If you see yellowish, spotty or bad colors, this is a sign that you’re tree is probably on it’s last trunk.

Finally, you’ve heard the term dead wood… well, dead wood is not good for trees either. If you’re finding that the wood breaks easily or that the branches on the tree bend too easily in the wind, then you’re probably dealing with dead and rotting wood. Best case, prune them and you’re good. The worst case, you’re going to have to prune the whole tree down to the trunk, grind it up and use it for your garden beds…poor tree.

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